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Saturday, August 6, 2022



After a lovely bout of COVID-19 (ugh! Yes, I'm vaccinated.) I am back to my book. I'm currently writing up the synopsis. I have to go back over my chapters 1-3 too. I am hoping to get this proposal package in to Harlequin before the pitch event on August 22. (See more here.) The book is not done, but I am determined to finish, and hopefully my submission will spark their interest. I figure by the time I submit the full (Cross fingers!) I can query some agents. 

If my book gets picked up, or while waiting to hear back, I will start the next one. I am planning a trilogy at present. 

Secondary plan? I thought of writing short contemporary like Harlequin Romance. I'm not sure I have the voice for Presents, though I love the line. That would be the last time I try Harlequin. I tried a few times to no progress. I believe my talent is best with historicals.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Dictation works.

I am definitely back in the saddle for writing. I have written more this week than I had in quite some time. It is a nice feeling. I hope I am out of the funk that had me down for a few months. With pain, surgery and recovery, it did hamper my creativity. I am hitting it off with dictating my book. It is helping me get down that draft so I can move on into revisions, which is the fun part. I hate the first draft stage. Revisions seem easier to me.

I am getting a jump on some revisions now. I had my manuscript (so far) printed up for me to start going over when I am not dictating the draft. I have to go get it at Staples (cheaper than printing myself and wasting an ink cartridge.) I have to get a few other supplies too like a binder, red pen, clear sheet protectors, etc. Ahhh I do like shopping office supplies. It's fun. 

So, yes, I am going to get this damn book done. I had to move my first draft deadline to July though. But, I am determined to finish this book. Once done I am going to submit to Harlequin Historical in addition to querying a few agents. 

I have toyed with writing a contemporary women's fiction based on my own life (loosely). At least the main character will go through similar trials as I had over the last ten years. Trouble is I am still waiting on one final portion to be settled. I've waited 2 years to see the abuser pay for his crimes. I hope it was worth my wait.