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Friday, May 27, 2022

The worst enemy

 After a few months of health issues (surgery too), I am finally back to writing. Although my hands are not back to 100%, I am trying to use Dragon to get down my rough draft. At this point, I am aiming to be done with that draft by the end of June.

I have to admit, I have been battling self doubts. I question my own talent. (My husband is flabbergasted by this.) But I do question my ability to write to sell a book. In having this self doubt, I sabotage my own writing career. I really do want to get published again, but stories more tuned into my tastes. I have this book I am working on to be the start as a trilogy, probably a series I can return to for secondary characters. I also have my historical historical women's fiction as well. But again, self doubts have made the creative juices stagnate. 

I admit I have been dealing with drama on a personal level. I am hoping that will be resolved this summer. Justice will hopefully be served. It is traumatic and heartbreaking that we have waited 2 years for this, but justice takes time.

Anyway, I am back to working on my WWII romance novel. 

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