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Saturday, June 11, 2022


 I just got back from a lovely vacation for a few days in Panama City Beach. I took my adult children with me, to give them a pleasant memory to remember me by. For the past 10 years I had been so busy with working and providing for them, I never had a chance to take them anywhere. So I hope the trip made up for some of that. 

I hadn't worked on my book, but I am getting back to it. I'm also taking a class on writing the Cozy Mystery via the Kiss of Death chapter of the RWA. So far, it is very good. I am planning on this to be a side project in the future. 

In going over to the RWA website, I see many chapters broke away from them. Even the First Coast Romance Writers broke away to be independent. I'm in the middle of the road about that. I totally understand why, but it isn't repairing the organization. But then again I wonder if the membership went down in general due to the scandal years ago. I hate to see the RWA die away. It helped me through my career with the companionship of other writers. 

Yes, I know why RWA started falling apart. I had quit back then as well. I wasn't a fan of who was voted president either. So I stayed away. I did eventually rejoin last year. New board of directors was key. I'm hoping more equality in the RWA as well as in publishing becomes more every day rather than a fluke. I saw Kimani go away and I still don't understand why. Yes, they integrated those stories into all the lines, but as a result there are by less books offered for the brown skinned community on a monthly basis. (I hadn't read Presents in a long time, but I saw they are getting more mixed couples than the Italian and Greek billionaires, so I may have to give them a try again.) 

In my attempt to get connected to other writers, I joined the Florida Writers Association. Hopefully I can find others writing, no matter the genre, no matter the color of skin. 

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